Didom d.o.o. is a young but quickly growing company which wishes to raise the quality of real estate services on offer with its experienced, friendly and highly knowledgeable staff. The company offers a wide array of professional consultation and help with selling, letting, buying or renting real estate, and legal services connected to it.
In Didom d.o.o. the client, their wishes and their safety, always come first. Legal business is taken care of by the law office, all our real estate agents have the real estate licence of the Ministry of environment and spatial planning, and are in the book of real estate agents, while Didom d.o.o. real estate agency has liability insurance at Triglav d.d. insurance company in the value of 175.000 EUR per business deal or 350.000 EUR for all insurance cases in a year.
Our agents, guided by values of honesty, objectivity, professionalism and the respect of good business practices, will be with you from your first idea, to the complete forming of your wishes and balancing them with financial abilities, to the buying or hiring of your real estate, and will give you a pleasant experience and safe business transaction in the real estate market.

THE VISION of the company is to become one of the strongest, most trustworthy and respectable real estate agencies in Ljubljana and its surrounding areas, based on ith excellent staff and on the excellent relationship with its clients.
THE MISSION of Didom d.o.o. real estate agency is to offer the whole real estate service in one place.
THE GOAL is to raise the quality of real estate brokering service.


Name of company DIDOM, services and counselling, d.o.o.
Headquarters Kersnikova 5, 1000 Ljubljana
Standard classification of activity L68.310 – Real estate brokering
Date of entry 03.04.2012
ID for DDV (Slovene VAT) SI64012417
Registry number 6142451000
Business account IBAN SI56 1
10 0005 0695 590 (BANKA KOPER d.d.)


OUR AGENTS! Carefully selected team.

The carefully selected staff of Didom d.o.o. real estate agency is distinguished by university education in either law or economy, real estate brokering licence, knowledge of foreign languages, people skills, organization, discipline, self-initiative, positive and responsible attitude towards work, co-workers and clients.
Didom d.o.o. real estate team is young, energetic, innovative, visionary and forward-thinking. The team was absorbing knowledge and experience in the real estate business from reputable real estate companies in Ljubljana, until they outgrew the limits and faced a new challenge – full of spirit, new ideas and approaches. And so Didom d.o.o. real estate agency was created, with a team of motivated, adaptable individuals with clear goals and visionary ideas.
In their scope of work they monitor the real estate market in Slovenia daily, acquire new experience from the areas of marketing, law, taxes, construction, art and psychology and they make new acquaintances, solve problems that crop up, and always discover new opportunities.
Our agents’ flexible schedule, adapted to your free time and your needs, their permanent additional education and new knowledge acquisition, give us a chance to offer you the best professional service. The constant cooperation with agents within and outside the agency, which bring you the best and widest selection of real estate options, keeps our agents constantly busy. If at some point they do not answer the phone, it means they are devoting their complete attention to the current client. They will call you back and will give you their complete attention.
Let us introduce ourselves.

TINA OSOLNIK, M.A. in law, a real estate agent

After finishing my studies at the Faculty of Law in Maribor I decided to continue my education at an M.A. management program at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Kranj, and at the same time became employed in a law office as a law trainee.
Since I am a very active person, who does not like to work in an office and is not motivated by a fixed income, I posed myself a question during my maternity leave – what kind of work would I like to do? After giving my future career some thought, I decided I wish to do field work, where my income is based on my efficiency and success of my work, a job where I have contact with a lot of people and where I can use my knowledge of law and my organizational abilities. If we factor into it my interest for the real estate market, the answer was at hand – I am ideally suited to work as a real estate agent.
With my team we daily share information as well as suggestions and experience, we review new opportunities and so increase chances of conducting business.
As an ambitious person, full of ideas how to develop my company and wanting independence, I see myself in the future as a businesswoman, a leader of one of the best and most succesful companies in Slovenia. I devote my free time to sports, travels, but most of all I love to spend time with my family.



Didom d.o.o. real estate agents are a carefully select team of individuals with appropriate education, real estate agent licence, and with competitive knowledge. We all love dynamic work and working with people. We are full of ideas on how to improve work process. We constantly search for new ways and recognize new opportunities. New knowledge and experience is shared with co-workers and successfully put into practice. We are all goal oriented, personally and company-wise. We cooperate towards the same goal, which is to give our clients the highest quality standard of treatment and service.
Are you communicative, self-initiative and enjoy working with the people and in the field? Are you from Ljubljana region, have a real estate brokering licence, a driver’s licence and your own means of transport? Do you recognize yourself in this description and believe you will successfully fit into the team of Didom d.o.o. real estate agents? If so, we invite you to send us your motivation letter and CV and we can arrange for an informative meeting.